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Spot Removal Tips

Carpet Spot Removal Tips


Removing some spots in your carpet requires professional help, but you can remove others on your own. If you decide to tackle a spot, you’ll need to follow the proper steps. Follow these suggestions from Meridian Chem-Dry – Olympia’s spot removal experts – and you’ll greatly increase your chances of success:

Act Quickly – Most carpets offer enough stain resistance to buy time for clean-up after a spill. So if you act immediately, you may avoid a permanent spot. But the longer you wait, more likely that your spot will be there to stay. So don’t wait.

Blot Correctly – Blotting liquids away is an important part of removing a spot, so do it the right way: Use a white, dry, absorbent cloth or a white paper towel that doesn’t have a print.

Don’t Scrub – Scrubbing can damage the pile of your carpet, so be sure to blot away liquids instead. Gently scrape up semi-solids with a rounded spoon; break up and vacuum away solids.

Pre-Test Spot Removers – There’s only one way to be certain that a spot removal agent won’t damage the fiber or color of your carpet: Test it on an inconspicuous area.  Apply several drops to your carpet, then press a white cloth on the test area for 10 seconds. Check both cloth and carpet for any color change, color transfer, or damage; if you see any, try another spot remover.

Work Gently – That means no pouring and no scrubbing. Instead apply a small amount of cleaner to your white cloth, and gently work it into the spot.

Work From the Edges In – Working from the outer edges in will prevent the spot from spreading.

Stick With One Cleaner, If Possible – Not every cleaner will work, but you should continue using your first cleaner as long as it continues to transfer the spot-causing substance onto your cloth or paper towel.

Be Patient – Some spills require a lot of effort to remove. If you need to repeat the same step several times, that’s okay as long as you keep making progress.

Rinse & Dry – Rinse the affected area thoroughly with cold water, and blot until the cleaning solution has been removed. Some cleaners will attract dirt and new stains if not completely removed.

Pull Up Remaining Moisture – After you’ve rinsed the treated area, cover it with a half-inch layer of white paper towels; then press the towels down with a heavy, flat object. Replace the paper towels once they become saturated.

If you plan on removing spots on your own, Meridian Chem-Dry has one last suggestion: Use our World Famous® Spot Remover for water-based spills and World Famous® Grease & Oil Remover for oil-based spots.

If you live in the Olympia area, and you would like more insight into a specific spot or spill, please call Meridian Chem-Dry. If you decide that you need professional assistance, you can always count on our expert technicians to remove the spot for you. If we can’t remove the spot, no one can.