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Power of Carbonation

The Cleaning Power of Hot Carbonation

Power of Carbonation

Many of our carpet cleaning customers used to believe that you need lots of hot, soapy water to get the job done. But one by one, all throughout the Olympia - Lacey - Tumwater area, Meridian Chem-Dry has turned customers into believers in the carpet cleaning power of hot carbonation.

Chances are, you already know that carbonation is great at releasing stains. Remember club soda? If you’ve ever used it to remove a spot from a shirt or blouse, you’ve already seen carbonation at work. Chem-Dry has taken that idea, and enhanced it with state-of-the-art technology.

Meridian Chem-Dry uses an eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution that’s even more effective at liberating stains. It’s called The Natural®, because it relies on carbonation and ingredients copied from Mother Nature for its cleaning power. The Natural is completely safe and non-toxic and doesn’t require soaps, detergents or harsh chemicals in order to work – and work well.

Because The Natural is so effective, our cleaning technicians don’t have to apply that much. Instead, we let millions of tiny bubbles go to work. These bubbles penetrate deep into carpet fibers – dissolving dirt and grime quickly, and acting as tiny propellants that actually lift staining materials to the surface for extraction. After stains are liberated from deep within your carpet, our powerful extraction heads easily pull them up and away.

Here’s something you may not know: Some kinds of clean last longer than others. When soaps are used to clean carpets, they can leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt. These carpets will lose their clean appearance more quickly, and will require more frequent cleanings to keep looking bright. Our carbonated cleaner doesn’t leave a sticky residue; carpets we clean will look better, and you’ll be able to go longer between visits.

When you consider our eco-friendly solutions, superior results, and great value, it’s easy to understand why so many folks in Olympia trust their carpets to Meridian Chem-Dry.  Are you ready to become a believer in the power of hot carbonation? Call (866) 574-0505 to schedule a carpet cleaning today!