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Area Rug Care

Basic Rug Care Tips


Meridian Chem-Dry knows that many area rugs are prized possessions, but not every rug requires our cleaning service. If you’re careful and gentle, you may be able to keep your area rug looking clean and bright without our help. The key is knowing which kinds of cleaning you can perform, and which kinds are best left to Meridian Chem-Dry – Olympia’s area rug cleaning experts. Here are some tips that will help you decide:

Small Area Rugs

If you want to know if you can wash your area rug, you’ll need to confirm that the label says “machine washable.” Then you’ll need to make sure that your rug will fit comfortably into your washer. Before placing it into the washer, take the rug outside to shake away loose dirt and dust. Wash gently, using mild detergent and warm water – not hot. If you use your dryer to dry your rug, be sure to use the lowest heat setting.

Larger Area Rugs

Some area rugs are too big to shake; if your rug isn’t easy to pick up, trying to shake it probably isn’t a good idea. Another option is to put your rug over a clothesline and beat it until it nearly stops releasing dirt and dust. Next, bring your rug back inside for a through vacuuming.

Eventually, beating and vacuuming your rug won’t be enough to bring back its best appearance. In that case, you’ll want to trust your rug to a professional – one you can trust to use the proper cleaning solutions and solvents to protect your rug’s color and integrity.

You can trust Meridian Chem-Dry’s highly-trained technicians to clean any kind of area rug. Some we can clean on-site, and others we’ll clean off-site. If your rug needs to be cleaned off-site, our pick-up and delivery service is free.

Vacuuming Rugs with Fringes

Careless vacuuming can damage the fringes on a rug, but you should have no trouble as long as you employ the proper technique: Start from the rug’s center, and work toward the fringe using gentle suction. Take not to catch the fringe in the beater bar. If you need to vacuum under the fringe, lift the edge of the carpet away first.

Oriental, Turkish & Persian Rugs

These specialty rugs tend to be the most valuable as well as the most difficult to clean. If cleaned improperly, colors may bleed and your rug may permanently shrink, ripple, or stretch. So Meridian Chem-Dry always recommends entrusting a professional cleaner with your Oriental, Turkish, or Persian rugs.

If you live near Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, or Shelton, there’s an easy way to take care of all of your area rugs: Simply call Meridian Chem-Dry. We’ll make your valuable rugs look like new.